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Hello, my name is Dr Barbara Jensen and I'm a board certified dermatologist. If you're anything like me, you've struggled all of your life with keeping your skin clean. We all know that acne problems are just something that happens in your teens, but rather it can be a lifelong problem. And while there are many medically approved procedures available as well as prescription and OTC medications, I thought I'd create a site specifically focused on treating acne with methods currently available in your home. So, take a look around, read some articles and join the discussion. Together we can find home based solutions and be rid of our problem once and for all.

5 Tips on Acne Scar Removal

Acne scar removal can be stressful. This is because after you have treated acne, the acne scars which were left on the skin will be the next problem. Knowing the different ways for acne scar removal will make your life easy. This article is all about tips on acne scar removal and will especially cover on the different inexpensive home remedies aside from over the counter products.

Tip Number 1.
After your skin has fought a battle on pimple breakouts, it is now time to allow your skin to become brighter and eventually remove the scars. There are skin-brightening creams or serums which are readily available online or in your friendly wellness and beauty stores. Look for products which can fade the dark spots and scars within weeks of using it as a regimen. It is also important to find creams which will not just fade dark spots but will also improve the texture and tone of the skin. There are products which are needed to be used consistently in order to achieve good results. Make sure to buy the cream or serum which is suited to your skin.

Tip Number 2.
As for the home remedies, continue to use a lemon-based cleanser. Lemon is the most common ingredients in different brands of face cleansers since lemons have properties such as brightening the skin and also detoxifying the skin. How will lemons contribute to the lessening of scars? The alpha-hydroxy acids which all lemons contain have the ability to brighten the skin which will be a way for the scars to become less noticeable.

Tip Number 3.
Another home remedies for acne scar removal is a mixture of milk and lemon. In order to achieve the paste, mix milk and lemon. Experiment on the amount of lemon and milk you will do since the paste will depend on your skin type. This paste can make your face lighter when consistently used. With a lighter and brighter face, pimples and acnes are erased in your face.

Tip Number 4.
Honey is another common home remedies for acne scar removal. Honey has properties such as moisturizing botanicals which can aid the softening of rough scars. Using honey alone can remove acne scars but it will help the skin to renew itself in a faster pace.

Tip Number 5.
If in case the mentioned home remedies were not effective in your case, it is recommended for you to consult your dermatologist and ask for a skin examination in order to medically cure, treat and erase the annoying acne scars. Laser acne removal could be recommended by the doctor in case there are no other ways to remove scars.

Scar removal could be an easy and flawless activity for you if you know the different home remedies for acne as well as medical procedures to remove acne.

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